Monday, December 14, 2009

"How to use your Gift Card"

I often redeem my credit card reward (thank you Mr./Mrs. Merchant for paying a premium in Interchange, oh am I suppossed to thank my bank?) for a "debit" card. I just got one for $200 bucks. You gotta love the instruction manual that comes with it! Under "how to use your Gift Card", it states a number of things; 1) "...tell the merchant you'd like to sign a receipt", 2) "At a PIN pad, swipe your card (keep in mind they just called it a "Gift Card" that clearly says "Debit" on the front), ....choose "Credit" and sign your receipt. Luckily, it tells you, "Although it states "Debit" on the front of the card, your Gift Card does not come with a PIN." You gotta also love that there is a 6 page pamphlet of fine print that accompanies this thing.

How did we end up here?

And we wonder why PayPal is doing so well!!!!

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