Friday, October 29, 2010

BilltoMobile Adds ATT (Only provider with both ATT & Verizon)

This has been a big week for the advancement of carrier billing for ecommerce purchases! The company I work for BilltoMobile (powered by Danal Ltd, Korea) announced and launched support for ATT mobile users. This is in addition to our previously announced and launched support for VZ users. We now have 2/3rds of the US mobile user market covered and more to come! We are the only provider that can provide the superior capabilities (ie; dynamic pricing, real-time auth and verification, limit management, dramatically lower dispute rates) and lower costs of Direct Mobile Billing (carrier billing 2.0 versus the legacy PSMS approach used by others) on both Verizon and ATT!!!

Starbucks Extends Mobile Payments to Nearly 300 More Stores

"(October 25, 2010) In the biggest expansion yet of mobile payments to its standalone stores, Starbucks Coffee Co. on Monday said it has equipped almost 300 company-owned stores in New York City and parts of Long Island to accept transactions using 2-D bar code technology. This expansion follows the Seattle-based coffee chain’s move this spring to install the technology in outlets located within more than 1,000 Target Corp. stores (Digital Transactions News, April 8). Starbucks started its mobile-payments pilot 13 months ago at 16 standalone stores, eight in Seattle and eight in California’s Silicon Valley."

This is great news! Only one problem! I do not live in NYC anymore! This approach overcomes a lot of issues that have plagued other approaches to connecting the physical world payment card to the mobile phone.

Hopefully they will get back around to expanding in the Bay Area!