Friday, October 29, 2010

BilltoMobile Adds ATT (Only provider with both ATT & Verizon)

This has been a big week for the advancement of carrier billing for ecommerce purchases! The company I work for BilltoMobile (powered by Danal Ltd, Korea) announced and launched support for ATT mobile users. This is in addition to our previously announced and launched support for VZ users. We now have 2/3rds of the US mobile user market covered and more to come! We are the only provider that can provide the superior capabilities (ie; dynamic pricing, real-time auth and verification, limit management, dramatically lower dispute rates) and lower costs of Direct Mobile Billing (carrier billing 2.0 versus the legacy PSMS approach used by others) on both Verizon and ATT!!!


Michael said...

Hello Steve,

I am particularly interested in Mobile Payments but I don't seem to understand how Direct Mobile Billing works. Can you please enlighten me?

SKlebe said...

Sure, the consumer who has a post-paid account with either VZ or ATT comes to the checkout page at a merchant that has enabled BilltoMobile. Instead of clicking on the Visa/MC or PayPal button, they choose BilltoMobile. They enter their mobile number and something like their billing zip code (think pay at the pump) and we verify that info with the carrier. Then we send the consumer a one-time-password via Text which they then enter into the browswer window on their PC. If it matches, the tx is successful and they get their purchase (primarily digital goods and services) and the line item shows up on their carrier bill. The consumer pays their carrier, the carrier pays us and we pay the merchant.

Michael said...

Thanks very much. Now I understand. I've also just downloaded the Digital Transactions mag. I particularly want to read that article of yours. I'll post my comments when I'm done.