Friday, November 12, 2010


I thought, why not, it was almost Friday the 13th, how about coining a new phrase! So, here you go, meCommerce - the convergence of m and e commerce with a cute spin.

With all the spin about mobile and especially mobile payments, I thought I would have us think about what really matters and that is "me", the consumer side of me. After all, this is the "me" economy isn't it?

All that really matters to the consumer is that they have as seamless an experience as they can have across all the platforms and devices they utilize to maximize their time and money.

As ecommerce evolved, those merchants who figured out how to blend the benefits of bricks and clicks delivered the most value to their customers. Now, we have bricks, clicks and pockets (? - perhaps someone can contribute something better!!).

Mobile, with the proliferation of smartphones which are just computers in your pocket that happen to also sometimes work as phones, present enourmous possibilites for enhancing the overall experience for the consumer.

As it relates to payment, the only hang up is the explosion of "Walled Gardens 2.0" which serve to restrict the consumer from the freedom to pay how they wish and merchants the freedom to choose which payment methods they want to take and their ability to negotiate the best rates their volumes deserve. These perhaps serve a purpose during an initial formative phase but they will disintegrate as the power shifts from the few to the many.

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