Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ouch, another major breach! (Not an issue for Direct Carrier Billing!!!)

One of the major benefits of DCB (Direct Carrier Billing) is that the merchant is not burdened by having to handle or store any sensitive information that could be used to create subsequent fraudulent transactions and therefore there is no PCI.

We talk often of the benefits to consumers;
- no username/passwords to remember
- everything they need to transact is in their heads and their hand
- no enrollment
- for someone to put a fraudulent charge on their bill, they would have to have their mobile phone in their hand at the exact moment of the tx and depending on the carrier, also have to know their billing Zip Code. (note - this add'l 2nd factor of auth will be available on two of the four major carriers within a month and three of the four by late summer).

But this is a major benefit to the merchant!

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