Friday, May 23, 2008

Games + Mobile Forum @ LA Games Conference

I just returned from yet another conference covering the area of casual gaming, MMOGs and Social Networks. This was a much smaller conference than the ION conference from last week. On a scale of 1:10, it gets about a 6.5. It was mediocre on content but surprisingly the quality of the speakers and attendees was relatively high. One of the key debates in this realm is where the revenue is going to come from. Is it advertising or subscriptions or micro-transactions or some combination. Unlike the session I did at ION, there wasn't a session to educate this audience about the nuances of payment which they could definately benefit from. One of the sponsors of the conference was PaymentOne which offers landline billing and has signed some name recognizable game companies. My personal opinion is that mobile billing will be far more successful. Landline billing has been around for a long time but with landlines diminishing, the user experience being very time consumming and inconvenient (ie; you have to be home), you can't be on VOIP and the lack of being able to tie a transaction much more positively to a particular user, I not only do not see it being viable but in fact gives the notion of billing to a phone bill a bad name. I welcome any debate or questoins on these topics. p.s. The food was 10x better at the ION conference!!

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