Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mobile Forum of Telecom Council

On Friday, I attended a meeting of this organization. It was very well attended, oversubscribed actually, by members of the mobile carrier industry, bunch of VCs, mobile phone manufacturers, emerging mobile payment players, etc... Most of the talk was about Person<>Person (domestic and cross border) transfers and NFC (oops, I mean RFID, oops, I mean Contactless). Presentations were made by Visa, Obopay, SK Telecom, Firethorn, and Vivotech. The presentations were very good, lite on the sales pitches. The 800 lb gorilla in the room is on the on-going debate over the business model between the FIs and the Mobile Carriers. Of course, it you like seeing big fat gorillas dance, this would have been a great oppty since no one wanted to take on the issue directly. Lucky for us here at Danal, our BilltoMobile service is not a victim of this debate. If anyone would like any more specific info on the event, feel free to place a comment. Unfortunately as a pre-revenue start-up, we cannot afford to pay $4k to join the Telecom Council so we won't be getting copies of the PPTs. We could only afford the $100 ticket price.

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