Friday, November 28, 2008

All to save $8, the risks we will take...(oh wait, I have no risk!)

Upon return to the 5th and Mission St garage in San Francisco today, after an enjoyable visit to the SF Auto Show, I was about to pay for parking at the machine in the lobby. But, wait, there was a woman with a Visa logo on her jacket offering to comp my parking. All I had to do was have a Visa Signature branded card and let her slide it through a hand held card reader. So, putting my fears aside that she was actually a crafty card skimmer, I handed her my card. I am quite confident this was legitimate but this is the classic "cheap T-Shirt shop in the vacation spot" scam scenario where the whole purpose is capturing card numbers for resale. I wonder if the Visa security department knew what the marketing department was up to. Of course, knowing I had nothing to worry about (ie; $0 liability guarantee), I went ahead with the transaction. At today's prices, I can buy 4 gallons of gas with that $8!!!!!

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