Friday, November 28, 2008

Under the heading, I MUST try every new payment thing...(& plenty of them do not work)

I read this week about the new PayPal Mobile Security Key. Rather than having to carry around one of those annoying key fobs, I could simply register my cell phone with PayPal and they would send me a 6 digit text message for me to enter when doing a transaction. So, I went to enroll. Well, I am now waiting almost 8 minutes for my initial enrollment text message to arrive. No sign of it. Oh well, so much for progress.

This reminds me of when I signed up for the original AMEX BLUE card that came with that free Smart Card reader. I could not wait to set it up when I first got it. This was the 1st generation unit from Gemplus and it plugged into the serial port (pre-USB days). No luck getting that thing to work. It was in conflict with also using the port to synch my PDA (PDA!, remember those...). I spent the next 30 minutes on a call with their tech support rep trying to figure out what was wrong. It would not have mattered even if I had gotten it to work, there weren't any merchants set up to accept it.

p.s. It is now 15 minutes and no sign of the text message. I have clicked the "Resend SMS" button 4 times now. Tomorrow I will probably get 4 SMS messages. Luckily I am on an unlimited SMS plan!!
p.p.s. I have one of those annoying $5 key fobs from PayPal already, had to have it as soon as they became available, but of course I never activiated it since I know how annoying it is when you want to do a transaction and don't have the token with you. :-)
p.p.p.s Wait, just got a text. Nope, just my 17 year old letting me know he was leaving the party he was at and about to drive home before the 11pm curfew!

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Anonymous said...

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