Friday, February 6, 2009

It is not what you say, it is how you say it!

When it comes to dealing with Chargebacks, one of the greyest (surely not the greatest) areas of the world of payment processing, the devil is clearly in the details. Consumers, who wish to game the system, have learned what to say in order to get a refund from a merchant or chargeback handled by their issuer when they may or may not really be deserving of one. Issuers have learned that if they code chargebacks a certain way, many merchants will simply not bother fighting them. The disparity in the rules and processes between the various issuers is enough to make your head spin. During these types of economic times, the tension between the various parties in this wonderful 4 Party system have a tendency to become even more tight as everyone is looking for any margin of victory (deserved or not). Therefore, maybe now is not the time to address all of this confusion and disparity, but if the full potential of the electronification of payment is going to be achieved, this realm will have to be advanced in the not too distant future. Welcome your thoughts on how this situation can be improved upon.

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